Public space design at Sibiu Zoo entrance

The proposal envisions the redesigning of the public space at the Sibiu zoo entrance area (Calea Dumbrăvii).

The Sibiu Zoo is part of the recreation area of the Dumbrava forest next to Sibiu, and is a much liked traditional free time destination. The acces area to the zoo has been configured around 1960, together with the establisment of the Sibiu camping across the street, and was defined by some refreshment kiosks under a large sculptural concrete canopy, at present demolished, and the presence of a tram station.

After the operation of very picturesque tram car between Sibiu and Rășinari has been seized, the public space of the zoo entrance has gone more and more derelict , being used during the main visiting times of the zoo as an instant parking area.


Concept: Sima-Breer Landschaftsarchitektur/Cooplan

Visualisation: Diana Constantinescu