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category: architecture


place: Sibiu, RO | Sibiu, RO

author: architect Gabriel Roşca

collaborators: Ana Maria Olteanu, Cipriana Pop, Livia Aruncutean, Cristian Gănescu, Ella Dux

structural engineering: ing. Nicolae Boica

mechanical engineering: ing. Kristian Kiss, ing. Liviu Petreuş

client: private

built area: 173,5 m²

building period: 2009-2010

The available building plot is situated in a semi-urban residential area in the east part of Sibiu, with the majority of the buildings dating from the years 1950-1970, and is the result of the breakdown of a typical plot of 14X32m, oriented with the long side mainly E-W, with a house on the northern limit of the plot and a later house built in the middle of the plot.

The task was to build an archive/atelier for an artists couple (husband and wife) with minimal residential facilities. The general character of the building (simple, industrial look, white colour), the height of the rooms (around 4m), the archive shelves, wooden joinery, the energy standard of the building, buget (approx. 100.000 Euro) were all specified in the initial project description.

The breakdown of the original plot attributed to both existing buildings a certain ground area, which lead to the fact that the resulted building plot (213 sqm) did not leave too many options for the position of the new building: in place of the old building in the middle of the plot, with fire walls towards the left and right neighbours, large windows towards the front and back courtyard, the later being severely separated from the heterogeneous neighbourhood by a visible concrete wall cast on site with wooden boards formwork. The estimated yearly energy demandof the building is of 55kWh/sqm/year, close to the german standard of a low energy house NEH-Niedrigenergiehaus (

The house will function as a personal archive and atelier for the artists, with the intention to be transformed into a reasearch centre for the arts.