Wooden house

House for a family:

The house is built in a semi-rural area next to Sibiu, in the village of Cisnadioara, in a former village orchard area. The building plot (3000sqm) has a slight slope and a southern exposure.

The design brief has specified the wish for a wooden house with high energy and resources efficiency, unobtrusive exterior look in relation with the natural environment and local traditional arhitecture.

The house is a prefabricated woodenframe house (platform framing). The facade is closed with a traditional vertical board and batten cladding, respectively a horizontal wooden batten cladding.

The living room is south oriented and has large glazed surfaces which allow the incidence of solar radiation, thus providing suplimentary thermal energy (greenhouse effect) during the winter months when the sun is lower in the sky, heating the entire dark coloured slate floor. The slate floor, together with the gypsum screed with floor heating, becomes a thermal buffer. During the summer month, with the sun higher in the sky, the windows are shadowed by a large roof overhang, thus preventing the over-heating of the room.

The north side of the house is lowered into the ground for 1,2m to minimize energy losses, following the natural slope of the building plot.

The yearly energy demand of the house will be less than 50kWh/sqm/year, complying to the B category in the energy certificate of buildings (german Niedrigenergiehaus standard).


More on the house, by it’s owners: